Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Apps Mutant offers world class Search Engine Optimization (SEO)solutions for different business verticals. Our aim is to provide quality optimization that are recognized by prominent search engines and that can augment potential traffic to websites. Our web marketing is targeted to improve traffic to the websites. We are aware that not all SEO techniques suits all businesses, therefore we are careful in designing exclusive and intelligent solutions for your marketing needs

Pay Per Click (PPC) / Sponsored Ads
We understand your business needs and develop advanced web marketing solutions. There are many ways to showcase your product to the target audience and one among them is Pay Per Click, here you pay for advertising your products. Some of the services include; Google adwords, facebook ads and Bing ads. Our expert team analyzes your business model and chooses the right PPC that can bring in more business. We constantly update our marketing strategies to keep pace with the latest in the industry.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)
Social Media is not just for sharing photos, status updates and videos, there is more to it. It can be used as a creative marketing tool. We at Apps Mutant integrate holistic marketing strategies to reach the right traffic to the websites. Our efficient team does not stop with just posting and keep a watch, we go a step further and customize social media in accordance to your brand and then weave our marketing strategies. This can ensure guaranteed results. Communicate to your desired audience by displaying your objectives and reaping quick results.

Social Media Networking
For any business, building trust of the customer is important. Keeping in constant touch with customer through various marketing means can help build your brand and what else can be the best platform than social media sites. We are capable of designing custom facebook page, twitter page and LinkedIn page that ensures targeted customer reach. This gives users a tool to communicate and comment on your products and shares thereby optimizing customer experience and relationship.

SEO Analytics
Social media campaigns are conducted to bring in more traffic to the website and thereby improve business profits. But not all social media campaigns prove to be effective. Why a particular Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy succeeds while the other fails? This is the question that haunts SEO Analysts and the best answer to this lies in evaluating the effectiveness of your campaign through social media networkinganalysis. We at Apps Mutant not just analyze your SEO strategies but also that of the competitors for

  • Proper keyword use and copy optimization
  • Brand voice and messaging
  • Content strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Presentation and formatting
  • Segregating audience

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